Touching George Clooney spoke about children: “I could not believe that I will be a father”

Hollywood actor George Clooney 56 years, first became a father. His charming wife Amal first became a mother, giving the actor the twins. So, about the experience of fatherhood and kids recently said the actor in an interview.

While our readers discussed a chic pair of frames at the Venice film festival, the couple were plunged into caring for the children, so much so that they even offended close friends. Whatever it was, and the well-being of these long-awaited heirs first.

Recall that those born in June kids named Alexander and Ella. And George Clooney explained the choice of names.

We knew them from birth will attract all the attention, so didn’t want something unusual. So Alexander is not Alexander the great, and Ella not Ella Fitzgerald.

In recognition of the actor, his experience of fatherhood is very scary (George Clooney even aged during this time), but he is still happy because of what is happening in his life.

I could not feel what will soon become a father. I think I understood it only when they were born. Everything seemed unreal, until they came to light, wet and weeping. There were two of us, and suddenly became four. Everything changed so quickly.

Now fans of George and Amal can’t wait to see how it looks children a pair. I hope they will be pleased with the overall photo shoot.

And we recall that today is on everyone’s lips out of Vera Brezhneva with her daughter.