Top 7 autumn theater of St. Petersburg


Where: Mikhailovsky theatre
When: September 14,

Premiere of the ballet Cinderella to music by Sergei Prokofiev dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the outstanding choreographer Rostislav Zakharov. This ballet he set in 1945 at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow. The modern version of the legendary performance prepared by the choreographer Mikhail Messerer and art Director Vyacheslav Okunev. The creators of the statement promises the audience a show-a holiday with amazing beauty ball. Age limitation of the performance — 6+, so it is perfect for family viewing.

“Theatre Director”

Where: Mariinsky theatre
When: September 30,

One-act musical Comedy by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — the masterpiece created by the composer in the course of the contest with Antonio Salieri. The work comically presents the life of the theatre and related people. While two men are fighting for the position of prima Donna, the Director of the theater trying to end the strife and establish the work of the troupe. The product won’t become obsolete with time, as derived in the Opera of the situation and the characters are still close to modern.

“The Murder Of Jean-Paul Marat”

Where: Alexandrinsky theater
When: October 5,

The play by German playwright Peter Weiss is on the Small stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre. The plot of the play is a political debate, a fictional debate between the participants of the great French revolution. They set out their views on the events fifteen years after the murder of Jean-Paul Marat. The first premiere of the play took place at the Schiller Theater in West Berlin in 1964. After this the play became popular in many countries around the world.

“Oscar and the Pink lady. Letters to God”

Where: concert hall “October”
When: October 14,

Photo: Official website of the concert hall “October”

World premiere of the musical created based on the novel by the French author and playwright Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. The musical, which promises to be one of the most significant premieres, tells the story of a terminally ill boy named Oscar, whom oncologists took a maximum of 12 days. The work was repeatedly staged on theatrical stages and was even filmed and filmed by the author. However, in the version from the creators of such famous musicals as “Eugene Onegin” and “Miracle Yudo,” the story gets a new and unexpected reading. It is important that the main role in a musical performance and the principal vocal parts will be performed by deaf actors.

“The master and Margarita”

Where: Theatre “Workshop”
When: 19 and 20 October

The Studio workshop of Grigory Kozlova present a new large-scale performance. This is the first release of young actors on the big stage. Their version of the legendary novel by Mikhail Bulgakov performed in two evenings. The viewer will find the story about love and fear, ruling the world, and those who turn the mind and soul.

“Language of birds”

Where: BDT after G. A. Tovstonogov
When: October 27

The play, which along with the professional actors involving people with disabilities. “The language of birds” put together with the center “Anton near here”, which deals with social habilitation of people with autism. In the basis of the play, the eponymous philosophical poem of Farid ad-DIN, which was written over 800 years ago, but has not lost its relevance. The work describes about eternal things: love and loneliness, joy and confusion. An important role is played by the music in the production involved the orchestra of the “Anton near here”. The premiere took place in December 2015, but on the small stage his show for the first time.

“The life of insects”

Where: Museum of contemporary art “Erarta”
When: November 6,

Photo: Official website of the Museum of modern art “Erarta”

14 poems of Nikolai Oleynikov — poet from the circle Oberiutov, the editor of the magazines “Hedgehog” and “Siskin” — formed the basis of the musical performance. Independent of the project was to combine the epic drama and children’s, ironic attitude. A play about the life of insects in the human world and about life among the insects, about the scientific knowledge of the world and the horror in front of him. The creators of the show promised to show the beauty of the Universe as seen by Nikolay Oleynikov.

Prepared Given Pozdnyakova