Tom Hiddleston was awarded the title “Best buttock of the year”

Tom Hiddleston was awarded the title “Best buttock of the year”

The role of Jonathan pine in the fourth episode “Night Manager” has led buttocks Hiddleston to win.

Tom Hiddleston added to the Bank of achievements of another honorary title. More precisely, not he, but his buttocks, which was named the best of the best. The outcome of the vote held on one of the British sites where respondents were asked to choose the most, in their opinion, the perfect men’s buttocks, the palm went to the 35-year-old actor.

In the fourth episode of the BBC series “the Night clerk” where Hiddleston plays Jonathan pine, he opened all the cards, demonstrating tone their buttocks, pure and simple. In this episode shows a scene during which Tom’s character has sex with the girl, pinning her to the wall. This stage was decisive for respondents to vote for the “Best buttock of the year”.

For such an honorary title That fought with actor Idris Elba, buttocks which was in second place, tennis player Andy Murrain third place, Jamie Dornan on the fourth and the 56-year-old Bradley Walsh took fifth place.


Source and photo: woman.ua