Tom Hiddleston talked about his natural popularity

Tom Hiddleston is not going to hide their relationship with the American singer 25-year-old Taylor swift, especially because this topic is of interest to all journalists, is sometimes much more than his movie career. The artist answered questions from fans, published on the website of the newspaper The Hollywood Reporter. In an online interview he spoke a lot about his personal life and popularity.

“For me, there is nothing strange that I often find myself the center of attention. Today every phone has a camera, and I’m surrounded by people. It always happens, if you are a public figure.
Hiddleston also said that despite its fairly long popularity, it is still surprising how the slightest thing celebrity can be a huge information about it.
“Every story has many sides, many facets, and sometimes the stories published in the media is not entirely truthful. The most important thing is not to let those inventions affect your own life,” said Tom.
Recall that from the start of relations between Hiddleston and swift, they began to suspect PR. Supposedly That specifically had an affair with a noisy blonde to get the role of James bond, the probability of this at the time was quite high. But they celebrities deny this information and consider it complete nonsense.

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