Tom hardy worries about their health and weight

Weight loss or weight gain for the role, in Hollywood the practice is frequent. For different projects transformed Jared Leto, Christian bale, Matthew McConaughey, Tom hardy. Of course, sharp changes in the figures could not fail to affect the health of the actors. For example, the British heartthrob hardy admits, gravely concerned about his health due to repeated radical changes of weight.

“For such experiments with your own body will probably have to pay,” hardy told the press, adding that he had been noticing for a less stamina than before. in particular, the Fact unhappy that physical loads were given to him harder: “In comparison with Christian Bale, I have not experienced such extreme weight changes, but even what I have done with his own body, led to the fact that it is not intended. And Yes, take me now a little bit heavier — don’t tell them about it!”

It seems to us that there is not a sudden weight gain or weight loss cause. Just hardy grows older, as actually his children. By the way, in September of this year That I change already the fifth decade. Oh, how time flies…

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: Days.ru

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