Tom Hanks did the fan valuable and touching gift

Tom Hanks – man with a big heart. So say his family and friends, the same opinion over the years actor in the profession developed from his colleagues and fans. Once again to demonstrate his unselfish kindness and gratitude to the fans, Hanks decided very original way.

For some time (a little over three weeks), herself a devoted fan of Hanks Denise Esposito draws sketches of the films with the participation of the idol. She publishes in the web his creation, where he received rave reviews and responses. Somehow, what is Dennis became known to the Hanks. Apparently, hashtags helped her in this situation. 60-year-old Tom was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the talent of Esposito and invited her to meet to see her work in person and Express her gratitude.

It came with sketchbook, which was to and from the painted portraits Hanks, and he gave her a return gift. “I’ll send you the typewriter. I have a lot of them, and you will have at least one”, — he told Deniswhen he saw the drawings. The girl confessed, almost in tears at this point.

The parcel, as promised, was delivered Esposito. In the box with the typewriter was a message from the actor: “It is useful to complement your wonderful sketchbooks with my movies. Here is the typewriter that will help you further develop the art! And thank you very much. Tom Hanks”.

Source: peopletalk.ru
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