Tom Ford spoke about the problems with alcohol, which almost killed his son

Their weaknesses celebrities prefer to hide from others. To talk about their alcohol or narkozavisimosti dare unit. One of the brave ones has become a famous designer and film Director Tom Ford.

55-year-old fashion designer was the “Artist of the year” by the magazine “Out”. In an interview, Ford told about his alcoholism.

“I had a terrible problem with alcohol, — said Tom. – I wasn’t allowed to be with Jack (son of fashion designer and his husband, Richard Buckley, who was born in 2012) in this condition. I once dropped it from the stairs and accidentally burned with a cigarette. I always longed to have children, but I could not think that fatherhood is so difficult.”

Alcohol addiction Ford lasts not a year or two. More than 15 years ago Ford couldn’t control himself, he was never a sense of proportion. Tom was really drunk.

Now this problem in the family of Ford and Buckley’s no.


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