Tom cruise does not communicate with her daughter for three years

Many believe that the commitment of Tom cruise Church of Scientology deprives him of happiness and normal human relationships.

From this to some extent suffer as the actor himself, and the people who love him. Especially feeling the lack of father his daughter Suri, born in the marriage with Katie Holmes.

The girl who since childhood bathed in the love of a father, at the age of seven years she was deprived of her.

Being married to Holmes, Cruz has devoted much time to the child, gave her everything she want. In the education of Babes, the actor has gone a wrong way, “due” Suri was known as Hollywood on the whole most capricious child.

Now, Suri gets what she had before, and all because she hadn’t seen dad for about three years.

Although the tabloids regularly appear rumors that cruise is going to sue the ex-wife’s custody of the daughter, in fact, the situation is almost the opposite – actor little daughter, it seems, is not needed at all.

Note that the Volume of messages about his personal life in the press, and information about the fact that he’s doing something wrong, does not perceive. For example, in 2013 the star of “Mission impossible”, I pleaded with the publication Life & Style-news.

We will remind, the former devotee of Scientology told the casting for the role of the girl/wife of Tom cruise.


Source: popcornnews.ru

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