Tom cruise and Katie Holmes resumed communication after a five year hiatus

In 2012, quite unexpectedly for many has broken up the family of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes. the couple, who until recently seemed incredibly happy, completely ended the relationship and stopped communicating.

Tom and Katie tried not to interfere, even if they were invited to the same event, and Cruz went even further and refused to communicate with her daughter Suri, which doted.

But recently an event occurred, which buried the hatchet between the ex-spouses.

Mom’s death made Tom Holmes to transcend themselves, to phone to Cruz and to Express his condolences.

“Katie contacted Tom to Express our deepest condolences,” said a source close to the actor. “Tom’s smitten with the loss of his mother. They were very close, and he incredibly misses her. Tom tries to stay and appreciates the support of friends and family members at this difficult time”.

Recall that Tom’s mother died on 81 year of life after long illness. The funeral of a woman to be held today.

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: starslife.ru

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