Today will be a court over the estate of Nikita Dzhigurda

This watch is the hearing in which the scandalous Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda going to defend their right to multi-million dollar inheritance her deceased under mysterious circumstances godmother Ludmila Bratash. Businesswoman died under mysterious circumstances in April last year, unsubscribe all their savings family, Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those. The sister of the deceased did not put up with this suspicious decision of the deceased, and filed a lawsuit against the actor, demanding to legitimize her rights to inheritance and the artist to deny this right.

That November 25 will be held the court, Nikita said yesterday on his page on the social network, inviting all those wishing to attend the meeting.
“25.11.16.at 9.45.
(Yartsevskaya str., 12, str 1)
interested media can find out
in Kuntsevo Court
gets whether the Chair
inheritance BRATASH —
the treasure is ours.” — he wrote in his characteristic manner, with pretensions to poetry.

But a few hours ago he posted a very strange message.
“Hey, Initie hamsters,
wipe glasses…
when you or your family
come mafia bulls
and forcibly vkoly you
dirty heroin,
uporotyh in smoke
you remember the Chair,
as you black and beat
it the dawn star,
but in the course of spiritual laws
it will be too late, alas,
you have lowered yourself to,
insults pipes,
at the bottom of the karmic
inevitable FATE…
crucified for you,
diverse Dzhigurda.

Wait at home
the imminent, inevitable —
TROUBLE!” — he wrote. Does this mean that under pressure from some “mafias” Nikita decided not to fight for the inheritance? Recall that the army previously said about the threats from her sister Bratash and some of the mafia. Supposedly Marina Anisina is now hiding in France because of the fact that their family received threats, which were not afraid of Nikita. Without a doubt, to be continued.

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