Tina Kandelaki will take part in a rap battle with the Milky

Known TV presenter Tina Kandelaki, reviewing the rap battle site “Versus” artists mighty Di and milky, “Twitter” was involved in a conversation with the performers.

Tina chided milky because he forgets the text, and thanked the mighty Dee for mentioning. And the milky immediately responded to the comments Kandelaki and called her to battle.

Tina immediately agreed to participate in a contest, promising to show the milky, “who on a piece of paper, and who, purely for the hype”.

In Los Angeles, October 16, went to a rap battle the Russians Miron Fyodorov, Oxymoron and American Bashir Yagami, known as Dizaster. And Yes, this month took place the battle of Oxymoron with Purulent (Thank Karelin), with a score 5:0 defeated Purulent.