Tina Kandelaki was in the “black list” “Peacemaker”

General producer of TV channel “Match TV” Tina Kandelaki was in the “black list” of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”, which publishes the personal data public (and not) people visiting the Crimea and opposition to the policy of official Kiev.


According to the website, in the “black list” not only were Tina Kandelaki, but about 300 people who took part in the construction of the Crimea (Kerch) bridge. On the Internet site “Peacemaker” published not only their names but also their passport data.

About the presenter, the site “Peacemaker” Kandelaki accused in “deliberate and conscious violation of the state border of Ukraine, entry to the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea” and “public justification of aggression”. So Tina got in one list by Philip Kirkorov, Stas Piekha, Timati, Sergey Shnurov and many other Russian artists, political and public figures.

Recall that Ukraine does not recognize the referendum results 2014 on the reunification of Crimea and Russia, calling the process of annexation, carried out in violation of international law.