Timothy has published funny photos with daughter Alice

Rapper Timati never ceases to please his fans with photos with his beloved daughter Alice. In Instagram, the singer appeared a picture in which he clings to his daughter, standing before the mirror in the Elevator. Timothy and Alice together show the camera languages.

Fans believe Timothy good father. The rapper always finds time for Alice, and recently has decided to take a break from her musical career to educate daughters.

Under the new fans of the artist have left their comments: “your daddy,” “Tim, when are you getting married?”, “Cool family”, “we Immediately see that the wife is not a whore and my daughter you one to one, two drops black and white water”, “Timothy, teach the daughter a normal life. Heh*Nude children remember well”, “You have such wonderful, Timur!”.

However, there were those who drew attention to the fact that Alice is wearing “unfeminine,” black pants and jacket of khaki, almost as much as her father.