Timothy and Philip Kirkorov presented the joint clip on a song “the Last spring”

Away old grudges. Timati and Philipp Kirkorov made up and even recorded a joint song “the Last spring”, the video for which presented a few hours ago.
The plot of the video, both artists are in love with the same woman. Rivals regret their mistakes and dream to turn back time. It soon becomes clear that in fact, and Timothy, and Philip is one and the same person.

“Better a bad peace than a good quarrel — from the time of Cicero this wisdom does not lose relevance. Especially when we approach this milestone, as the 50th anniversary. Time to look back, to forgive old grudges and move forward. Well, when yesterday’s enemy becomes not only a friend but also a creative partner” — commented on his collaboration with rapper Kirkorov.
“If I seven years ago, someone said I will record a song with Philip Kirkorov, I probably would have laughed in his face. Today I am presenting you the clip joint and the song “the Last Spring”, and I will not dissemble, I do not know any artist which in fact would be better sang that chorus!!! The lesson here is simple: two held adults with definitely not a simple story of relationships )) considered a creative part of a more important aspect today than the past on the shelf life grievances, claims, and presenting. Yesterday my Mom said to me: “As it turned out, it is a long way from the remnants of youthful extremism to balanced, wise choices, bearing a creative character.” I could not agree more. In our musical and artistic environment, where a priori almost all hate each other, it is difficult to make precedents. So, today’s the day ))” -was scattered in compliments to a colleague Timothy.
Well, let’s see what can be common between these artists.

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