Timothy after a concert in Pyatigorsk agreed to stay with his groupies

Rapper Timati gave a concert in Pyatigorsk. He tried to stay original and agreed to spend the night then with one of his fans in this town. However, according to local media, he was chosen from among the attendees of the show itself.


Rapper Timati, spent the concert in the city of Pyatigorsk in the evening on 3 September, impressed their fans by not leaving immediately after that.

He told the fans, Pyatigorsk fell to his liking and he is in no hurry to leave. The problem, according to him, consisted only in the fact that the room was booked just before midnight, and then he to sleep just anywhere.

It is reported Pyatigorsk, after this information, the release of Timothy from the stage, the audience burst into shouts, offers fans of the rapper to go on overnight it to them.

He replied that he can accept the offer only from girls residing in Pyatigorsk. He appealed to the fair sex of the city asking if anyone wants to give him shelter for the night, let them raise their hands.

There were many, although, as Timothy said later, he felt a bit embarrassed. In the end, he chose one of the girls who stood near the stage. However, he asked her a question about the number of years that had elapsed.

Did the sleepover Timothy in Pyatigorsk, there is reliable information. Perhaps suggested by some of his fans, it was a publicity stunt and will remain confidential.