Tickets for tour Lady Gaga sold out

Participation in the super Cup does the job. Lady Gaga, undoubtedly, is the best time of his career. Participation in Super Bowl Halftime Show, after — feericheskoe the performance artist at the ceremony “Grammy”, where she performed with the band Metallica.. Thirty years of the artist again broke into the Billboard Hot 100 (the last time she visited there in 2013) and sold all tickets for the upcoming summer tour in support of the new album.

Song artist “Million Reasons” at the 52 spot in the prestigious chart, and for the last two weeks only increasing.
Recall that during his participation in the Superbowl, the artists do not take money. Performance in break sports games is considered a special music event that brings in TV screens all over the country. The organizers of the show pay all costs, except the fees of singers, but they more than get later. Tickets for concerts razletayutsya like hot cakes, the new songs performed during the super bowl, become hits in the two accounts. Gaga, as at the time and Beyonce and many other artists bathed in the glow of world fame, earning much more.

Source: http://www.justjared.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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