Three-year-old Alexander Gradsky-the youngest already “feel the music”

The young artist’s wife spoke about the success of their son

The famous Russian singer, multi-instrumentalist, poet and composer Alexander Gradsky had three formal marriage. By his second wife Olga, the artist, has two grown heirs. Since 2004, he is in a relationship with 36-year-old actress Marina, Kotusenko. In September 2014, the 67-year-old town had a son, Alexander.

The beloved mentor of “the Voice” told reporters about their home life, for which she took an extended break from work. At home she helps nanny. According to Kotusenko, the youngest son of the master is already well mastered it, and even tries to read. Also happy mother celebrated the talents of the kid: he loves to sing and accompany himself on guitar — is “feel the music”, according to the portal kp.ru.