Third pregnancy Kate Middleton has turned severe complication

Because of the morning sickness expectant mother can neither drink nor eat

At the beginning of September on the official website of Kensington Palace in the “Twitter” published a news story on a third pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. Later it turned out that the wife of Prince William was hospitalized due to severe toxemia, and then long coming out into the light. It is known that in previous periods of pregnant Kate Middleton suffered from the same symptoms.

Western media reported that her morning sickness had reached an extreme degree — the problem is even drink a glass of water, not to mention the nutrition required for fetal development. The Duchess loses weight that threatens a violation of metabolism and blood composition changes. Such intoxication can result in death for both the mother and the child. Most likely, in the near future Middleton will be fed intravenously as treatment of toxicosis can not be.