There were rumors about Kuznetsov spent the night on the other

Then Nikitos had to put a lot of effort to convince Darin about what the word Rapunzel is the usual fiction made for her own PR. Only now, after the visits of the young man the Perimeter during the weekend and revealed on this account details, it will be very difficult to justify to Markina, the website life-dom2.su.

As it turned out, while Darina is waiting for Nikita with output in the perimeter, the member of telestroke spends time and even sleeps with another – his former girlfriend, Eugenia Alievoj. Moreover, now Jack not to go back to the project and stop it only a problem with documents.

“Really – it’s the end of them couples?”, “Strange, I’ve always liked a couple Darina and Nikita, why did he need to look for happiness elsewhere?” – asked the audience “House 2”.