There was the first joint photo Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx – 24???

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, a famous Hollywood actors, appeared on a joint photo. Celebrities spend time together, but do not show their feelings, according to ELLE.

Actors “caught” during a walk on Malibu beach. Walking along the coast, Foxx and Holmes were holding hands that the press considered the official confirmation of their relationship. Earlier, us media, citing insider data, reported that the lovers will soon cease to hide your affair.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes

The press has repeatedly reported that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have long concealed the affair because of the position of Tom cruise. Under the terms of the ex-wife, the woman officially had no right to the end of 2017, to enter into relations with other men. Failure to comply with the agreement, Holmes could lose compensation in the amount of $10 million.