There was an assumption, why the character and behavior of Maya Dontsova became unbearable

And although for a long time such changes troubled the fans of the TV show and was not explanation, but now for many fans of telestroke, it became quite clear, what is the reason for such behavior. Fans have noticed that recently Alexey kupin was ready to go with Maya to the registry office, but now his resolve waned and, moreover, the man declares that if things go on like this, then he lost all desire to communicate with a girl, the website life-dom2.su.

No wonder the guy trying to merge can not be annoying the girl in the light of the upcoming contest “Wedding in a million”, it’s not Bush change his attitude to marriage, victory will not see them.

“Who to Copynum I guess the whole world will hate. Maya itself is a cheerful girl. But kupyn their moaning would put anyone to distraction”, “Yes Mike, by itself, the ulcer still the same. She even was talking about me. The character” – wrote fans of “House 2”.