There was an assumption why Olga Rapunzel is confused in pregnancy

By the way, in September of last year there was information that the “brand project” is the eleventh week of pregnancy, by simple arithmetic we can conclude that at the moment the girl’s seventh month. Despite certain facts, Rapunzel continues to darken with the time, the website life-dom2.su.

However, at the moment, the network appeared the assumption, that in fact could be the reason for the confusion in the words of Oli. Fans of the show have suggested that lying is Rapunzel makes the negativity of others. It is possible that, fearing the evil eye, Olga prefers to hide the truth, and even intends to give birth in secret.

“Like the secret, the project is not pinned, would give birth like normal people”, “Olga! Stop playing to the camera. Stop trying to seem better than you really are” – written by the fans of the TV project “House 2”.