There was an assumption, what is the purpose of Tata Abramson and Valery blumenkranz returned to the project

However, after the birth of a new family member, the situation in this family has changed dramatically – everything from spouses to Abramson-senior, try to control your emotions and keep yourself in hands. Even the recent misunderstanding between Valera and Tata Abramson was solved rather quickly and the situation could not spoil the impression from their families, the site says life-dom2.su.

This perfect relationship is the core objective of the family Blumenkranz. At least viewers have no doubt that Tata and Valerie perform a special task of the management of “House 2” to the background of all the other couples that their Union was exemplary.

“Not always the relationship between children and parents is ideal. Don’t need this topic to idealize. If the mother was not engaged in the daughter, was not given the necessary love and affection, if not learn to love to require in the future from his daughter the love back… sorry silly. Children are our checkbooks, what’s in them in childhood will invest, later, in their old age and get” – written by the fans of the TV project “House 2”.