There is information about the dismissal of Zsuzsa Kathy from “House 2”

However, on return from the Seychelles, Catherine not only appeared on the air, but has stopped responding to the news that has generated amongst fans of the youth telestroke rumors that she was fired. In addition, there are first assumption to explain what happened. According to some viewers, hand the incident put a Ksenia Borodina, the website life-dom2.su.

Fortunately for fans, all the gossip on this occasion, hastened to deny Katya herself. The assurances of Zsuzsa, neither of which the dismissal of the question can not be. Moreover, the girl promised soon to reappear in the air.

“And I like Susan. As Borodin. Speak simply, without strain and tragedy in her voice, as Buzova. Kadono evil and worthless kicker. All the critics, and he absolutely can not do anything, only his head to the shoulders lowered and goes like a clown. That’s all his dignity” – commented on the fans “House 2”.