There is information about pregnancy of the wife of Dmitry Tarasova – Anastasia Kostenko

But now, thanks to gossip, it becomes clear why they decided to hasten the marriage. A couple of days ago there was a picture the paparazzi who photographed Nastya, who went for an ultrasound. Moreover, if you believe the gossip, Nasty all incognito also stood on the account on pregnancy, writes life-dom2.su.

It is worth noting that the pregnancy Kostenko has not been disclosed, but fans have already speculated on this, noting that if about pregnancy Nastya found out the Maldives, you now have no more than 6-7 weeks, and mean birth come to the end of August or beginning of September.
“No time to marry, already walking as heva. It’s like I woke up and with a pillow came.

How could she be miss with not so cute face, I don’t know”, “Kostenko compared Buzova beautiful. Feminine and very attractive” – said the fans of “House 2”.