There is a new version of the care Shepel and Chickens from “House 2”

However, it is now known that their departure had nothing to do with voting. It is worth noting that the talk about the departure of guys from the reality show sounded not the first day. For the first time to hear such viewers could be when the boys returned from the “Island of love”, however further discussions, the conversations are not logged in, the site says life-dom2.su.

However, after the release, which was shown to their care, some of the points made by the attentive audience, prompted the theory that their termination domovskou career is not related to the vote. So, Peter and Faith were the only one who was not involved in the acting school and, apparently, only because both knew about his departure, not having any relation to the vote.

“Just leave this couple is still not managed adequately. After Petya burst into tears, as if there was a misfortune, respect to them has become much less” – wrote one of the fans of the youth project.