Theo James wants to star in new film “Divergent” and “Another world”

Franchise “Divergent” at the decision of Lionsgate studios, which was engaged in production of films will conclude with a premiere on the big screen and television. About this a few months ago, said company representatives.

But today, the fans of this series a science fiction movie stood up a new question: and would it ever end? The fact that Lionsgate has encountered a problem – to function does not want to return one of the main roles of Theo James.

“I think it’s weird that we can’t finish the story, he said in a new interview.— I think for the involved actors, all developed only within the framework of these films, but their future in General.” Note that in the statement a 32-year-old Theo through touch is it lack of demand, which obviously he had signed up for the shoot.

By the way, the same opinion holds James in the context of the film “Another world” where he starred alongside Kate beckinsale (in two films — “underworld: Awakening” (2012) and “underworld: blood War” (2016).

“I think the storyline is David’s (the character actor.— Approx.ed.) fully implemented,— said Theo.— It’s time for other heroes to take it, mostly Bradley James, who will become the next leader.”

I wonder what role dreaming this charming British guy?

Source: ok-magazine.ru
Photo: ok-magazine.ru

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