“Theatre on the Neva” has submitted the Christmas premiere of “the Tale Emeline miracles and Princess of Atlantis”

January 9 — IA “News”. St. Petersburg’s “Theatre on the Neva” traditionally opened the year with a premiere — “a Tale of Emeline miracles and Princess of Atlantis”.

Statement of Tatyana Savenkova, as always, focused on the main thing — it teaches children to love the Motherland and believe in goodness. The scenery of the play made in the style of Palekh miniatures. The scene come alive a fabulous winter landscapes Surikov. Russian national patterns are present even in the costumes of snowmen. And some Director’s decisions have literally mesmerizing and captivate the audience on a subconscious level: through the stage to the chords of the accordion fly Pavlovo-Posad shawls and Zhostovo patterns, half-meter glowing buckets of water dancing in the dark under modern bits, in the dark it lights up, then extinguished the neon silhouette of Palekh landscape.
With the aim of teaching children of national identity in the formulation even touches upon the subject of international relations. Symbols of this, including steel parrot “Carlos – kakatua”, the delicacy of a feast, the African plantains and the suitors who came to Woo the Princess of South and North African countries.
Vivid images of the characters can’t elicit sympathy, and their replicas are literally shifted to comic rhymes. Emelya hair and a style reminiscent of a punk rocker. Nesmeyana Princess faints at the sight of a goose on a plate with the words: “as alive, but dead.” “Somebody now outlines the order?” — asks the King in the iconic pose of Lenin.
Leaving the theatre, the children will surely learn what you need “to use overseas powder, if you want to be a whore”, while the secret of the beauty of Russian beauties in the use of domestic vegetables. The same themes of patriotism and sound in the scene with the matchmaking overseas suitors, when the hand and heart Nesmeyana expect the Cavaliers from different countries of Africa: “He in a turban, to know again, no BAA no me”. “Was ist das? He’s not a German — Papuan”, and so on.

As a result the best fiance for Nesmeyana is, of course, handsome Emelya. What is actually required. Once the main character gets off the furnace and to facilitate your life begins to show imagination, resourcefulness, courage, ingenuity and lateral thinking on the stage the magic begins, and never-smiling Tsarevna finds the same happiness. Under the influence of love the world is filled with colors, the main characters are transformed and become the rulers of the fairy Kingdom.

Premiere fantastic performance “Tale of Emeline miracles and Princess of Atlantis” was held during the holiday week after the New year. Also the statement can be seen in the “Theatre on the Neva river” on Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 and 10 January. In the future, the performance will remain in the repertoire.
Daria Georgi

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