The youngest daughter Ksenia Borodina jealous mom to her sister. Video

To ensure the seriousness of the nature of the Teona are fans of telestroke, but the reaction showed the little girl to her sister, slightly surprised the fans of “House 2”. So, judging by the personnel available in the network, Theon literally “flipped out” after seeing how big sister hugs mom, the website life-dom2.su.

The girl was quick to shove his sister, but would not share with her mother. However, the loyal fans are confident that nothing wrong happened there, and I believe Theon didn’t do it seriously. And the video in General was funny rather than intimidating.

“Because, Mary grew up only with my mother, and Tenochca surrounded by the love of family -father, mother, brother, sister – nezametdinova” – the audience expressed their opinion on this matter.