The “X-Men” spin-off on TV

Currently, several TV shows about superheroes we already have, for example, “Flash” and “Jessica Jones. But the creators of the franchise “X-Men” have decided that TV one was missing the really high-quality product, but because they announced the filming of the new series, which, in fact, will be a spin-off of “X-Men”.

The plot is quite ordinary parents discover your child has superhuman abilities. Pretty quickly in the face of hostility, they are forced to seek help from an underground organization of mutants to fight for survival.

The producers of the TV series, which so far is not even working names were Brian singer and the Creator of “burn notice,” Matt nix.

When this project will be sent to the development is unknown. How actually do not have a date of commencement of filming and premiere of the series. I wonder about someone from already known heroes from “X-Men” in Teleostei will be discussed?

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: kinoprofi.net

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