The writer of “Beauty” has described how the film had to end really

“Beauty” — a modern interpretation of the Cinderella story. The girl who had nothing, suddenly gets all – and security, and love. What you do not have tale? But few know that initially the romantic Comedy was supposed to be another genre. The original idea of the authors of “Pretty woman” — drama with elements of tragedy.

Screenwriter told the press that in the original version of the film, the version which they originally undertook to remove, the main character Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, he abandons his profession and takes the feelings of Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), but in the end, he not takes her to the limo in a happy future, and Vivien dies from a drug overdose.

“Our debates on the best versions of the ending pattern lasted very long. On the one hand, we didn’t want to break the story, on the other hand, according to many, it was too dark. The final word was for a Director who long doubted, but, as it turned out, made the right choice. Actually, that’s how dramatic the film became fabulously romantic Comedy,” said writer John. F. Lawton in conversation with the journalist of Vanity Fair.

We will remind, “the Beauty” was presented to the public in 1990. The film’s budget was only $ 14 million, and global fees – 463 million dollars.

Still a love story shown in “Beauty” is considered one of the most romantic on screen.


Source: segodnya.ua
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