The woman, who threatened Chris brown, told his version

Became known shocking details of the arrest of a popular American performer Chris brown. Bailey Curran. That is the name of a woman yesterday, about three o’clock in the morning the police were called to the singer’s house in Tarzana and stated that he threatened to kill her with a firearm.
According to the woman, she just admired the diamond choker when one of the friends of brown, presumably ray Jay, joined her in the conflict.

“Suddenly we were approached by Chris. He pulled his gun, pointed at me and said, “I’m sick of you, get out of my house”. I could not immediately leave his house since my phone was inside. I went outside, and some of the friends of the brown handed me my stuff and nondisclosure agreement. I didn’t sign it, just got my phone and left.
I was so scared for my life.. I ran past several of the neighboring houses, and when convinced that nobody’s after me, called the police” — told his version of the victim.

And then everything was in the best traditions of crime fighters. Police arrived, surrounded the house of brown. He saw the guards, thrown out the window duffel bag which, according to insiders, there were drugs and weapons. But it was not enough: in the house, brown also found illegal substances and firearms.
The worst thing is that the moment it happened, the little daughter of Chris royalty was in the house. Her mother still does not know what happened. Now baby is safe and your father will probably see soon.

On the allegations that Curran invented the whole story to fame (this has already been stated Chris in his acquittal video, full of anger and foul language), the model responds: “Why should I? Barter and so everyone knows how the winner of the beauty contest “Miss California”, a model and aspiring actress, and if I wanted fame, it just wasn’t worth it”.
Now Chris has quite an impressive criminal background, it will be difficult to wash off this story. It is likely that he can permanently put behind bars.


Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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