The winner of the show “From Tomboy to lady” told where you will spend the money

The winner of the show “From Tomboy to lady” told where you will spend the money

The winner of the show “From Tomboy to lady” Galina “Cleopatra”, Poludniak told what to spend the prize money.

As the girl admitted live “Explorer”, won 100 thousand she will invest in her education.

“This year I will go to College. The truth is I have had a chance to take EIT, but then was depressed after he returned home. I have the opportunity in 2016 to go to College. In order not to lose the year, I will go to the College of the University. I also want to go to school for makeup artist courses and will continue to improve your English and Ukrainian languages”, – said Galina “Cleopatra.”

As said, Poludniowej, the show turned her life around, and it has set itself new priorities.

“My life has changed dramatically. To project the working day began with the shells of cognac, and ended what took it home or could barely walk. Drinking alcohol almost every day, for 8 liters of beer – that was my minimum. As soon as he had consumed alcohol, was constantly getting into fights, sometimes it was their instigator. Could be rude. But after the project I became more humane, correct in communication. Began to help her mother quit drinking, changed jobs, changed your social circle” – shared “Cleopatra”.

On specifying question of the journalist “Browser”, when she felt that she was a real lady, Cleopatra said that this feeling came at the very end of the project.

“When it was announced that the winner of the show was Galina Poludniak, then I felt it: I stand and I’m a lady” she concluded.


Source and photo: obozrevatel.com