The wife of Robbie Williams mocks his ex-girlfriends

The wife of the British artist Robbie Williams IDA field sense of humor not to take. Woman do not feed bread, let me make a joke or to embarrass her husband.

IDA recently shocked the public statement that it blessed so long turns in the highest circles of the celebrities that don’t even know how to look nenalezeny cucumber. “When I got out of the fridge vegetables, one of them called Robbie a genuine interest. “What is it?” “he asked me pointing to the cucumber. My husband is used to seeing vegetables in sliced condition,” with a laugh shared IDA.

No less optimistic and positive field talks about the loving husband.

“Every time we turn on the TV, they show someone with whom he slept” — ironically IDA. If you remember the names of ex-lovers Robbie, you can see that among them were many celebrities: Jerry Halliwell, Nicole Appleton, drew Barrymore, Rachel hunt and even Lindsay Lohan.

Recall, the wedding couple was held in 2007. Today Robbie and Ayda are brought up two children — a daughter and a son Theodore Charlton.

By the way, recently Williams has decided to get rid of his luxury mansion, located in Los Angeles – Beverly hills.

The house, acquired by Williams in 2002, on the market with a price of $ 11 million, which is two times the amount, which the singer posted with buying it (then the house was worth to 5.45 million).

The house is located in the prestigious gated area of Mulholland estates. It was built in 1992, but recently Williams made repairs. In the mansion of seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. And outside there is a swimming pool, an artificial waterfall, a covered dining area and barbecue facilities.

Note that to say goodbye to the “States” Williams is not going to. In 2015, Robbie’s family settled in the new house, which cost them $ 32 million.

Obviously, selling the old house, the couple decided to offset the cost of new.

Source: hellomagazine.com
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