The wife of Garik Martirosian spoke of the humiliation plastic surgeon

Hike to the plastic surgeon – the event is very important, because the doctor is better to go not alone, but with support, which can be parents, husband, sister, friend, etc.

Thus, recently, wife of resident Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan Janna Levin agreed to support his girlfriend, who wanted to improve their appearance. But when Joan together with a friend was in the office, she could not think that the attention of the expert is not addressed to a future patient, and to her.

Levin notes that the doctor behaved rude and insisted that her face is in need of correction. For example, the hump on the nose could open up, face pull using threads, etc.

This behavior of the surgeon has angered Joan, but surprise she did not object to anything he could, “the Surgeon was a beautiful strong man, so I want to trust and afraid to refuse. Masha did not have time to voice his dream, as the doctor grabbed my face and large experienced hands, and, turning it in different directions, said, “Let me guess. My dream is to make the nose, remove the hump?” “No,” I said anxiously. “So, let me think. I understood it all. Want to increase lips and cheekbones? I on your place would put yarn, this excellent firms face after thirty-five. And Slivovice not hurt, then you will have a great complexion”. “I don’t want to do anything with his face or I wanted nothing to do with his face,” I said, stuttering from the shock. “Okay, you want to start with the chest!” While my self-esteem was lying on the floor, and I tried to pick it up, Mary tried to hide behind the display of Breasts”.

The final point of this unpleasant incident was that coming out of his room, Jeanne heard in his address: “I’ll see you Soon!”. As you think, not moved if the doctor face or is it the usual practice of luring new customers?

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: Woman.ru

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