The wife of Dmitry Marjanova stunned the public with his statement

15 Oct died actor Dmitry Maryanov. Soon, for technical reasons, are unable to arrive at the specified address and friends of Dmitry tried themselves to take him to the nearest hospital, but it was too late. It would seem that the tragic death that does not cause problems. However, the wife Maryanova, Xenia BIK, forced to think of the public.

Xenia, two days remained silent, told the publication “Woman’s Day”, in fact that night next to her husband were not friends, and strangers. “When he became ill, an ambulance was advised to go to the hospital on their own, as it would have had to wait a long time,” added BICK.

Ksenia also told me that her husband was treated from thrombosis, was taking medication and was regularly surveyed, and all was in order, and thromboembolism Dmitry was only a few seconds before death.

So what is the cause of sudden death Maryanova? This question remains open.