The widow of Vladimir Shainsky told about his last hour of life

The composer had to say goodbye to his family

The family was able to arrange a holiday in the hospital for Vladimir Shainsky. Over the years of living in the US the Catholic Christmas, they used to celebrate together. On this day, his wife Svetlana and her daughter Anna were there with him.

The widow of Vladimir Yakovlevich talked about what were the last days of life of the famous composer. Shortly before his birthday December 12, his condition worsened. Shainsky put in the hospital, where he met the occasion. To carry him home it was very risky to his life. But the hospital room was decorated for the holiday, even put a small Christmas tree.

“Vladimir Yakovlevich last ten days was like half asleep. Already did not really say, but, judging by the gestures, understood, reacted to certain phrases,” — said Svetlana in conversation with the publication of Woman’s Day.