The widow of Dmitry Marjanova told about the legacy and about why she failed to save her husband

A few days ago, became a famous actor Dmitry Marjanov: actor died from a blood clot. In the network there are many versions of reality and truth about the legacy of the actor, but no official comment to his wife about it. Now, in discussing an interview with the widow of Dmitry Marjanova Xenia BIC of the situation.

Recall that Russian actor Dmitry Maryanov died 15 October: he died on the way to the hospital near Moscow Lobnya, where he was transported from a private clinic. The cause of death was a blood clot, and possible negligence of the doctors who didn’t check out in time to challenge for the actor. Recently Dmitry Marjanova buried, but now critics in the gossip about who will get the inheritance Maryanova. The newspaper “KP in Ukraine” contacted the widow of actor Xenia BIK.