The widow and daughter of Alexei Petrenko quarreling at his funeral

February 22, died a famous Russian actor Alexey Petrenko. The funeral was arranged a few days later. To say goodbye to Petrenko gathered his fans, colleagues, family. Was there and the actor’s daughter Pauline, with whom he had virtually no contact for life. As it turned out, spending a quiet father’s last journey the woman was not given. Against her presence at the funeral was made by the widow Petrenko Azim Abdumuminov.

Pauline told the press about how Azim tried to expel her from the funeral.

The actor’s daughter wanted to get on the bus, where there was a coffin with the body of Alexei Petrenko to conduct it on a cemetery. However, this time it flew Azim, he grabbed a coat, pulled him back. the woman argued that the bus with a coffin can only go rodny Petrenko people the way Pauline is not: “When my single side seat approached security, I showed my birth certificate and asked: “can you Read?” But Azim didn’t stop, demanded someone else to call, so I drove”. Pauline still defend their right to stay with dad for the last time.

Note that the actions Azimi can understand. The fact that the actor’s widow in his death, blaming it Pauline. She assured that after the appearance of Pauline in the program “live”, where the daughter Petrenko told about their difficult relationship, Alex became ill, which ultimately led to death.

“If he is so worried about my performances on TV, than trying to convince everybody Azim, it certainly wouldn’t be fun the day before the death anniversary of the wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan Irina,” he responded to the accusations Azimi Pauline.

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: starslife.ru

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