The Western media again reported the divorce of Beyonce and Jay-Z

Paradise in the family Knowles-Carter ostentatious — confident many Western publications. Tabloids write that the pregnancy of Beyonce though, and became a blessing to her and her husband Jay Z, however, it fails to seal what is already collapsed.

Insiders say that Beyonce and Jay-Z still get divorced in the near future. Their happiness, which they demonstrate in public has nothing to do with real life. it turns out that the singer still can’t forgive her husband infidelity, and therefore attempts to keep the family already futile: “beyoncé that we couldn’t forgive Jay Z’s infidelity, so it’s hard for her to communicate with him — says source edition RadarOnline. — They were hoping that pregnancy will save their relationship, but this did not happen. Beyonce is ready to raise children alone.”

In fairness, we note that the words informants are not supported by any facts, because to believe them a hundred percent, don’t.

Earlier, the family Knowles-Carter has bought for future babies cot over a 100 thousand dollars.


Source: graziamagazine.ru

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