The web sparked the conflict with the participation of Ksenia Borodina

Leading “House 2” did not stand on ceremony with a man who can say, became a victim of plastic surgery, calling it not the most pleasant word. However, she could hardly imagine that her rash statements in the network will rise to such a response, the website life-dom2.su.

Video from the air in his microblog hastened to place himself Sasha, then Borodin barrage of criticism. Many supported the star of the Internet, accusing the Xenia in the tactless and inappropriate behavior. In addition, Shpak advised to apply to the court, to the law to punish the leading “House 2” as an insult.

“That was used on the project bychit, all of the way out of,” “And what is she insulted him?” – the audience commented on the scandalous episode.