The voice season 6: release date, a jury, the rules of the project

Show “the Voice” season 6 is in the center of attention, or rather not even attention, and expectations. And all because the chair of the jury returned the “gold membership”. And this is no joke. In the Studio “Mosfilm” will meet again Dima Bilan and Pelagia, Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin.
“The voice” is a vocal television show, which is a Russian adaptation of the original format “the Voice”. Goes on air “the First channel” in 2012.

Fantastic four, the “gold membership”, our answer “the Beatles” – not only as the configuration of the judges of “the Voice”. The first three seasons they worked in the project, then the deck began to shuffle and now mentors gathered together.

From the very beginning something went wrong. Maybe it’s because fate decided to take revenge for Alexander Gradsky, who was not invited to the fifth season of “the Voice”, maybe because nefart August 13 and decided to move to 14th. anyway, Alexander came to record the blind auditions with a broken hip. Dima Bilan made the suit a fashionable eggplant hue, which began “strobili” (pale) in the frame – I had to change what the artist was urgently go home.

Wringing during the makeup accidentally put a stain on the cloak, barely persuaded the singer to mask the problem and not to change clothes. Only Leonid Agutin quietly watched, sitting in an open shirt and showing white extras bronze tan from the coast of Miami(where the artist has a second home).

In anticipation of the premiere of the sixth season of “the Voice” fans of the musical show pray in two words: Golden structure. Many sleep and dream – blahblah, shuffling cavalryman’s pass to the red chairs they. “Golden composition” of the first judges of “the Voice”.

The voice season 6: the participants of the project

As for the contestants of the blind auditions, which lasted three days, during this time, came on the scene a few hundred people from such cities as Penza, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, Tomsk, Krasnodar, Tver, Vladivostok and other settlements. Also tried to conquer the judges, the singers from Abkhazia, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Moldova, Georgia, China, Estonia, Belarus and USA. All in all, each of the four judges took his team to 14 artists.

Behind the scenes, actually, are already filmed the blind auditions. And yeah, the team is already gathered. That’s just about the only people that know the participants themselves, which was strictly forbidden to tell even their friends. But some offscreen footage from the First channel in the Network is already there. And we can meet new persons – participants of the new season of “the Voice” on the Ground.