The Victoria’s Secret model Sidorkina married an Italian millionaire

Vita Sidorkina, 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret model, became the wife of Valerio Morabito, millionaire from Italy.


Wedding models Vita Sidorkina from Russia and the owner of the company Valerio Morabito Projects Morabito took place in the most expensive hotel on the coast, Ravello Italy. Before the party under the open sky in the hotel the wedding of Vita and Valerio was carried out in the usual Italian churches. At the wedding we were invited relatives and close friends of young and bridesmaids from Russia and model-colleagues Sidorkina.

At the ceremony the model was restrained in the closed classic white dress with an elegant train. Valerio Morabito was in a simple black tuxedo.

Offer hands and hearts Valerio Morabito did last winter in 2016, also as a gift, he gave a luxurious diamond ring.