The TV series “Commissar”: actors and roles – 24???

Monday, September 4, the First channel starts the series “Commissar”. The plot is a strong and independent woman played by the gorgeous Irina Pegawai. Before it raises the question — to bring Home or his son.

The Director of the serial film made by Elena Nikolaeva. The fame she gained after the TV series “Mannequin” and a “Pop” and the film “Vanechka”. The script for “Komissarshi” wrote the Creator of the plots of the movie “first Time” and the series “side of the moon 2” Sergey Kaluzhanov.

Interestingly, the plot of the TV series “Commissar” was created specially for Irina Pegawai. She was looking forward to the start of filming three years. Actors and roles the TV series “Commissar” — the material amended 24???.

Irina Pegova (Galina)
The TV series “Commissar”: actress Irina Pegova as Irina Pegawai | 1tv.ru

In his youth, Galina Semenova went to study in Moscow, leaving her small son in the care of his mother. After graduating from high school, Galina entered the service in law enforcement. With the outbreak of war sent to the front, where he received a war wound. In 1943, Semenov returned to his native provincial town, where it waits for an unpleasant surprise.

The main female role in the TV series “Commissar” was played by actress Irina Pegova. The popularity it has gained in 2003 with the film by Alexei Uchitel “Walk”, and then starred in another film — “dreaming of Space”. Also known for her involvement in the projects, “Barbara”, “Passenger”, “Ivan the terrible”, “All grieving pleasure” “I leave you love” and “Tankers do not throw their”.

Maxim Emelyanov (Elijah)
The TV series “Commissar”: actor Maksim Emelyanov in the role of Elijah | 1tv.ru

Ilya is the son of Galina Semenova. Lack of parental care affected the boy — he was a real thug. Ilya is the group that is terrorizing his hometown.

The role of the grown-up son “komissarshi” Ilya played by actor Maxim Emelianov. His cinematic career began at age 12 with the family Comedy “Vovochka”. A teenager played in the Thriller “Secret of the Zaborsky lake”. Also starred in the cult TV series “Fartsa”, “Far from war”, “Stroybat”, “Kitchen”.

Oleg Fomin (Suprun)
The TV series “Commissar”: actor Oleg Fomin in the role of Suprun | 1tv.ru

Suprun — the chief of criminal investigation. He was destined to put ideologically charged Galina before the fatal choice. The role of the artist tried to add specificity Suprun with a mustache. That’s the way he is his grandfather — crime fighter.

The role of Suprun was played by a popular actor, producer and Director Oleg Fomin. He created the picture “Next”, “the Young Wolfhound”, “Publican” and “election Day”. As an actor first starred in the domestic drama “Silver Lake”, but the recognition of the viewer received after the premiere of the drama “my name is Arlekino” in which he performed the main role. Played in the TV series “the penal battalion”, the film “Admiral” and many other projects.

Alexey Shevchenko (Egor Matveev)
The TV series “Commissar”: actor Aleksey Shevchenkov in the role of Egor Matveyev | 1tv.ru

Egor Matveev — the leader of a violent gang terrorizing the local population.

He is detained at the crime scene. It turns out that the man arrived in the city to care for the son tokhi.

In the role of Egor Matveyev in the TV series “Commissar” was made by the actor Aleksey Shevchenkov. His cinematic career began with the melodrama “You are my only love” by Dmitry Astrakhan. The Shevchenkove usually get a small but memorable role. Played in the films “the Turkish March”, “Voroshilov sharpshooter”, “Storm the gates”, “Yesterday ended the war,” “Sherlock Holmes” and “the Black cat”. Shevchenkiv — laureate of the Moscow international film festival for her role in the movie “Jude”.

Ivan Shibanov (Pasha Griazev)
The TV series “Commissar”: actor Ivan Shibanov in the role of Pasha gryazeva | ruskino.ru

The role of the Pasha of mud in multiserial film “Commissar” was played by Ivan Shibanov. The actor made his debut in the telenovela series “Rostov-Papa”, followed by the work “the Last minute”, “Dark world: Equilibrium”, “side of the moon”. Shibanov not only appears on the screen, but also acts as a Director shot the film “montekristo” in 2008.

Tatyana Kolganova (Nina)
The TV series “Commissar”: actress Tatyana Kolganova in the role of Nina | kino-teatr.ru

In the TV series “Commissar” starred popular Russian actress of theater and cinema Tatiana Kolganova. Known for bright role in the mystical series “Black crow”, the film adaptation of the detective Tatiana Ustinova “Divorce and maiden name”, the films “Alien nest”, “Klim”, “Scent of lavender” and “Where does the rain” and many other projects One of the most vivid works of Kolganova — serial film “Black blood”.

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