The truth about bald head Nastasya Samburski

And you believe that Nastasya Samburski shaved my head bald because of a dispute with a friend? We believe, but, as it seemed, in vain. In fact, at the head of this star series “Univer” still has hair. She’s proved before, published in Instagram photo with hair blue-black color.

“Beautiful and ironic host of “style Icon” on Muz!! No,not bald. Of course, it was a joke”, — has signed a frame Nastasia.

“URAA is suckaaa, well, joking of course you know),” “How the people cheered! Hilarious”, “Phew…not bald))”, “it’s Better than bald! Scared me”, “Like a stone fell from the soul! I’m glad with the hair again)” — responded to the actress by her fans.

We will remind, a week ago, Samburski shocked his followers by the publication of his bald head. The actress then talked about the fact that you were forced to shave because she made a bet with his friend that supposedly, if you type in Instagram 8 million subscribers to lose hair. No sooner said than done. Now we see that most likely, no dispute and it was not.

We personally Nastassja bald and liked, and you?

Source: cosmo.ru
Photo: cosmo.ru

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