The Trumpeter Nicholas admitted that he had to cut the easy – 24???

The Trumpeter Nicholas had previously had a serious illness, which could lose easy. The artist fell ill with bilateral pneumonia, the result of which he lost almost two times.

In an interview with “Sobesednik” the Trumpeter told that due to his illness he could not take a shower independently. The doctors ‘ efforts had no impact on his health.

Doctors later said the Trumpeter on the need for surgery to remove the lung. However, the artist did not agree to it, because in this case, it couldn’t ever play the trumpet. Catherine Blower, wife of the actor, come to grips with my husband’s treatment. She began to study the techniques of breathing exercises and purchase branded drugs.

Nikolay Trubach

Recovering from illness, the Trumpeter decided to abandon his musical career and devote free time to family. Today, together with his wife Catherine, he has two daughters: Alexandra and Victoria.