The tolgsk icon of the Mother of God

The Holy image of the virgin is famous for its mysterious appearance and miraculous effects. Most Orthodox Christians are sent to Tolga icon for spiritual and physical healing.

The miraculous effect of the Tolga icon of the virgin at his side constantly collects a huge number of pilgrims from different corners of Russia. The folk memory of the well-known case of miraculous healings and phenomena gracious aid to the needy and pleading. According to legend, even Ivan the terrible himself, who suffers from constant leg pain, trusted in prayer to the Tolga mother of God, asking for healing. Only the hot prayer requests put Tsar of Russia on his feet, and the image of the mother of God revealed itself to the world as miraculous.

History of the icon

The icon of the mother of God revealed itself to the world in 1314, in the hands of the priest Prochorus. In the middle of the night, the Bishop woke up bright divine light in his tent from the street. Going to quench your curiosity, Prokhor saw a blazing glow, emanating from the sky. A miracle occurred on the stretch where the river Tolga flows into the Volga. The light beckoned the priest drew near and saw the one in the air hovered the image of the blessed virgin with the infant Saviour on his hands. The elder hastened to report what he saw to his companions.

Satellites together with Prokhorov returned to a wonderful place. Only here the pillar of fire was not, in his place lay quiet in the icon. The Bishop could not believe, claiming that this is the face that presents itself in the icon, he saw in the air a few hours ago. It was decided to build the temple in honor of the virgin. The Church was built in exactly one day, in construction and helped all the locals. Soon this place was built the monastery of Lavra, and Tolga, or otherwise known as Taganskaya the icon became famous for numerous healings.

Where is the icon

Monastery on the river Tolga was subjected to attacks from the authorities in 1926. Bezverny desecrated the temple of God, placing in a sacred place as a colony for juvenile criminals. Orthodox people managed to save the divine face, hiding it in the Yaroslavl art Museum.

Ministerstvo restored only in 2003 when there was a period of persecution of religion. In the same year the miraculous face of the Mother of God returned to the monastery. In addition to the main icons, which today is kept in the Tretyakov gallery, there are not less well-known lists in High-Petrovsky monastery and Moscow Nezhinskoy Svyato-Vvedensky female monastery of Nizhyn.

Description Taganskoe icons

The virgin is represented slightly nakaniwa head to the baby Jesus, who with an expression of love, reverence and insecurity is in contact with the face of the Mother. Type of iconography of this image — “Emotion” that expresses a grief and some similarities to the Vladimir icon of the mother of God.

On Taganskoe the icon feels the power of the spirit, not comparable emotionally with anything else. The sanctity of the face has an effect on even the most strict and cold to God and man. A picturesque image of the hands of the virgin and Christ child, is expressed as words devoid of dialogue, the mystery of which is revealed only by long and profound contemplation. The right hand of the virgin Mary, facing an open palm to her Son that hugs and covers the neck of the Mother.

The icon reflects a boundless love of the Son to his Mother and to all people, filling the Earth. Since the miraculous appearance of the face of the blessed virgin, people do not cease to hope in the prayers to the virgin, praying for peace, unity and blessing of God.

What helps the Tolga icon of the Theotokos

The icon is widely known for its miraculous phenomena which relieve the people from oppression and suffering. Mother of God pray for help in getting rid of mental and physical diseases. But that’s not all. Taganskaya Icon of the Mother of God will help:

in all matters requiring divine support and protection;
in moments of relief of faith. Mother of God will strengthen the spirit, giving strength to cope with unbelief;
in the fight against severe illnesses of your relatives and friends;
in defense of home and family. The intercession of the Mother of God will protect your personal well-being with an invisible veil of love and compassion;
in the doctrine and follow the word of God.

The icon known to many prayers for healing. Any illnesses destroys the miraculous image, until drunkenness, deadly diseases or dementia. On the face of the mother of God, you can meet hundreds of lockets, chains and crosses, — all the thanks from people whose prayers were answered.

Prayer before the icon of the Mother of God

Prayers to the virgin Mary — are countless. You can ask for yourself and for loved ones. In your own words or set prayers. But every confession should begin with specific prayers to a particular image of the Mother of God. Sacred text to be read beside Taganskoe icons of the virgin of the following:

“Receive the Blessed ever-virgin lady of the Kingdom of Heaven, our chapel. In tears and suffering the intercession of Your trust. Every one of us a bad servant of God, without exception. To the ranks of Thy affectionately cling, hear my prayers and give to everyone, asking with faith, forgiveness, and fulfillment of requests treasured. Lighten the sorrow of the bereaved and afflicted, grant the healing. Help the offended to forgive the offenders, and abandonment — getting rid of the influence of the devil. Sinners, repentant, sorry and hopeless bring to life the bright, babies free from the darkness and all passions vile. You, Great Lord, if all possible, ask thou Son by his prayers on our forgiveness. Don’t stop praying for our souls to the worship of You and worship Your face. Forever and ever. Amen.”

The day of veneration of the icon to fall on 28 August and is celebrated only once. The zeal and strong faith will help you get back on the path of redemption. Virgin will support the strength of your faith and won’t leave in minutes to paddle and the suffering of every praying soul. Prayer before the image of the virgin will help grow strong in spirit, to be healed of all ailments and gain powerful intercession from acts of evil. We wish you peace in your soul. Be happy