The team Kirkorov has suffered due to street racing

The famous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov told about the tragedy that occurred with the members of his team in Stavropol. The artist has published photos from the scene of a terrible accident and told me that night after the concert show “I” in Stavropol members of his team got in an accident. The culprits were local racers staged a race in his hometown.

“A young couple decided to have a race through the city and lost control, at full speed and arranged at the intersection of the accident,” said Philip.
Five of the team suffered, having fractures and dislocations, other participants of the accident escaped with a fright. According to Philip, you guys are absolutely sure of their impunity, and fear nothing.
Kirkorov personally came to the scene of the accident to help his people and to assess the damage.
“Was at the scene, looking at what was left of the car, great happiness, that did not happen tragedy. Although now on the recovery of the health of my colleagues need more than one month” — he told.
The investigation took personal control of the mayor of the city Andrey Dzhatdoev hasanovic, and Philip hoped that the guilty will be punished.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: https://www.instagram.com

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