The Swedish model is ready for the operation to increase hips up to two meters in girth

Followers model Natasha crown closely follow the changes in the girl’s appearance. After the increase in many parts of the body as a result of plastic operations, the star wants to do the surgery to increase the volume of the thighs up to two meters in girth.

The Swedish model Natasha kroun decided to go on record and make its thigh equal to two meters in girth. She decided to go under the surgeon’s knife to make your hips the largest on the planet.

Note that in my twenty-four years, she is one of the most popular models of large dimensions.Natasha crown often perfects his body, giving it a more curvy shape. For this she sits on a special sweet diet.

She repeatedly rearranged some parts of his body and face, for example, enhanced lips, Breasts. This time she decided to fix the size of your hips and make them two meters in girth. This is a very unusual operation, but after that her hips will be the largest on the planet. It is known that the girl’s parents do not approve of her constant changes and “increase” worrying about her health. But it seems that Natasha all a little worried. Her followers in “Instagram” looking forward to new photos.

In the personal “Instagram” model is over two hundred thousand subscribers, which did not bother neither her excess weight nor cellulite. She often places in the microblog new photos, which will be an occasion for discussion.

Natasha crown is quite popular in social networks, in comparison with many models of magnificent forms. It is unknown will it have the girls carry out the idea to have the world’s largest hips, or not. It only remains to wait for the done operation, and when Natasha will be placed in your “Instagram” the first photos taken after surgery.