The stars became mothers three times: Olga Freimut, Beyonce, Anna Sedokova, Oksana Samoilov and others

We are sure you also noticed the fashion for large families. Celebrities in this plan not an exception, but rather the opposite. Read our article reads about the famous moms who are raising three children.

Inspired by the news that Kate Middleton is waiting for a third child, we decided to remember who of the stars is already a mother three times. For some, we are sure this is not the limit.

Megan Fox

Another mother of three boys — Hollywood actress Megan Fox. Her husband, Brian Austin green has another son from his first marriage. He’s crazy dreams about his daughter, but not even looking forward to its appearance with this dynamic.

Kim Kardashian

The reality star Kim Kardashian, who recently completely stripped, yet two kids, but insiders say that now the surrogate mother is carrying for Kim and Kanye West’s third child. We somehow think that it will be twins, like beyoncé’s.

Kristina Orbakaite

Three kids from different husbands and has a daughter of Alla Pugacheva Kristina Orbakaite. Her elder son Nikita Presnyakov recently married Alena Krasnova.

Reese Witherspoon

Another large star Reese Witherspoon, who is raising two sons and a daughter. The secret of the feminine figures of the Oscar-winning blonde — moderation in food without any rigid and serious exercise. By the way, recently Reese Witherspoon was attributed another pregnancy.


The rating also singer Alsu. Last year her family came the long-awaited boy. Now her daughters Safina and Mikella and there brother Rafael.

We are confident that the families of these famous beauties will continue to grow. And we recall that recently about parenthood said George Clooney.